GET Philippines is a transport technology company whose goal is to provide practical, affordable, and non-polluting transport solutions for the places that need them the most.   

GET’s ecosystem solution arose from its experience in the Philippines, where haphazard transport, dirty air, and poor infrastructure are the norm.

While reducing pollution and congestion, GET Philippines is at the same time striving to improve the quality of lives of passengers and the community with its shared technological infrastructure that simplifies everyday life and operates a financially viable and sustainable business revolving around clean transport and digital life solutions.

Historical Milestone

In 2014, the first fully electric COMET (Community Optimized Managed Electric Transport) prototype was launched in the presence of US President Barack Obama. Operations in the Quezon City route, a major city in Manila, started in 2015 and rollouts of the vehicle in the industrial estates in Cebu City and Cavite followed.

Redevelopment of the vehicles began in 2016. In 2018, GET Philippines partnered with QEV Technologies, one of the pioneers in electric mobility based in Spain to develop the new COMET 3, a world-class, zero emission fully-electric minibus.

The COMET 3 has since been rolled out along with the GETPASS app (a mobile app-based ticketing system) in other Metro-Manila cities like The City of Muntinlupa, Makati, BGC Taguig, Ortigas, Mandaluyong and Pasig City. It is also currently running routes in Lipa Batangas, Laguna, Davao, Iloilo City and Cagayan De Oro in Mindanao

Distinctive Features

What sets GET Philippines apart from the other Electric Transport companies in the Philippines is that it has created a complete transport ecosystem composed of the COMET– a world class, zero emission thirty passenger fully electric minibus developed by Formula -E racing engineers.

The FAST CHARGER network which allows the COMET vehicles to operate on a near 24/7 basis and service client’s day and night.

And the SMART APP-BASED Fleet Management and Fare Collection System that Improves customer experience and makes transport more Intelligent and efficient.

Environmental Impact

The COMENT boasts of world glass features that provide safety, extra comfort and convenience to passengers. It is Fully Electric with 350V Nominal Voltage, Fast Charging (20% to 90% in 45 mins), 70kph Top Speed (Programmable), 54 kW CATL Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery, 100km Vehicle Range, Air-conditioned, PWD Accessible (with ramp and designated seats), Community Wi-fi Enabled, GPS Tracked and Fleet Managed, Roomy interiors (6.3mLx2.3mx2.8mH) and 30 passenger capacity (18 to 20 seated).

As a fully electric vehicle, the use of one COMET is equivalent to: 80k clean and green kilometers travelled/year, 30k liters of diesel reduced/year, 40k kilograms of CO2 reduced/year, 65k kilograms of particulate matter reduced/year, 150k commuters served/year and 700 trees equivalent CO2 absorption.

Partnership and Future Goals

GET Philippines continues to partner with private companies and organizations, LGUs and with the Jeepney Modernization Program of the Philippine Government to provide a more efficient and environment friendly transport system.

GET Philippines’ goal is not just to build a better vehicle, but, has always been to build a better world.